Stem Cell-Derived Regeneration Therapy

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Rejuvenate Your Skin with Stem Cells’ Powers of Regeneration

Stem Cell Regeneration Alhambra

Stem cell-derived regeneration therapy is a skincare treatment that unlocks the unlimited potential of stem cells to repair photodamage, erase fine lines and reduce wrinkles. The exciting new research into stem cells’ powers of regeneration can be a source of daily amazement. Stem cells seem to defy the aging process altogether because of their remarkable ability to regenerate indefinitely. Stem cell rejuvenation therapy seeks to harness just a fraction of these cells’ mysterious potency to kickstart collagen production and restore the soft, suppleness of youth to worn and weathered skin.

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Stem Cell Regeneration Santa Ana

If you thought aesthetic laser treatments were a wonder, new stem cell therapies are emerging that can restore and repair aging skin with revivifying results. At SkinZone Laser & Cosmetic Surgery in Southern California, we make cutting-edge, stem cell-derived regeneration therapy available to our Los Angeles area community. This remarkable therapy stimulates skin cells with youthful vitality to boost cell turnover, increase collagen production and improve the appearance of wrinkles.[1]  

Regeneration therapy can combat the unflattering effects of aging with only several targeted injections in strategic areas around the face, neck and hands. When left to grow in a lab, stem cells have shown an astonishing ability—under certain scientific circumstances, stem cells never die![2] When a stem cell laced serum is injected into a patient for the purposes of aesthetic rejuvenation, the stem cells start doing what they do best: they divide and specialize. The stem cells instantly begin appropriating the traits of the surrounding tissues to replace dead and damaged skin cells with fresh, new ones. 

Can Stem Cells Prevent Aging?

Stem cell-derived regeneration therapy

Stem cells’ fantastic properties are only beginning to be understood, but even now, new therapies are emerging. Stem cell-derived regeneration therapy at SkinZone leverages stem cells’ astounding abilities with a series of rejuvenating injections to restore the appearance of the skin. By reinvigorating the body’s own natural healing processes, aesthetic stem cell treatments appear to halt and even reverse the aging process in the target area. Stem cell-derived rejuvenation looks more natural than most other cosmetic regimens and aesthetic procedures because stem cell therapy does not seek to create the illusion of youth—the rejuvenation is real and the results are long-lasting.

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New therapies are emerging. They are derived from the incredible capabilities of stem cells and they have begun to be embraced by forward-looking doctors who have been eager to employ the reported properties of stem cells in a practical medical setting. At SkinZone Laser & Cosmetic Surgery, our patients who have received rejuvenating injections report a return of supple elasticity in their skin. The stem cell-derived serum repairs and replaces the subtle, subdermal elastin network, eliminating laxity and reducing wrinkles.   

There is a lot of hype surrounding stem cells, and with good reason. Human embryonic stem cells are considered to be immortal. Yes, you read that correctly. Stem cells do not age, they can proliferate indefinitely and they are able to form any tissue in the body.[3] This does not mean that the recently devised stem cell therapies hold the key to eternal youth, or even eternal life, although it is too tempting to indulge in speculation about the profound possibilities. There is still a lot of research to be done and much to be revealed. Currently, doctors can tentatively conclude that stem cell therapy can correct cell damage caused by the aging process, thereby reversing it, if only temporarily and locally at the injection site.    

Stem Cell-Derived Regeneration Therapy Will Rejuvenate Your Skin

  • Regenerates damaged skin cells
  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Hydrates desiccated skin
  • Abates puffiness under the eyes
  • Revives listless hair follicles


Qualified candidates for stem cell-derived rejuvenation injections are seeking an alternative to traditional aesthetic treatments which only aim to emulate the appearance of youth. Stem cells have the potential to actually restore what age has plundered by repairing the cumulative cellular damage wrought with each passing season. Ideal patients have an open mind about new therapies. They are curious and may even be excited by the extraordinary potential of stem cell therapy. But, their enthusiasm is tempered by a reasoned and well-informed set of realistic expectations about the outcomes of the treatment.

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Procedure & Results

Stem cell injections are a brief and easy treatment. They only involve a series of simple injections, usually under the skin of the face, in front of the ear. You can be in and out of our Southern California offices in under an hour! And afterward, all the while, the regenerative serum will be actively at work, deep within the epidermis. The injections will increase the rate of cellular turnover in the treatment area. The stem cells will refurbish and replace the age-damaged elastin network of collagen scaffolding that grants young skin its supple responsiveness. In addition, an increase of collagen in the skin erases wrinkles and reduces laxity.  

Other Anti-Aging Treatments 

PRP injections are derived from the platelet-rich plasma that is coursing through the veins of the patient. PRP contains some of the blood’s most rejuvenating properties. After a simple blood draw, the small sample is spun in a centrifuge to safely extract its regenerative elements. When the PRP serum is injected into the skin, it stimulates the body’s natural healing process and increases collagen production. PRP treatments are frequently combined with stem cell therapy to improve anti-aging outcomes

Hair Restoration

Stem cell therapy may be a non-surgical solution to hair loss. Particularly when the therapy is paired with an intervenous treatment of PRP serum, some patients have observed a noticeable return of hair growth to the treatment site. That’s because stem cell therapy can actually regenerate dormant hair follicles. Best of all, these restorative results don’t require extensive surgery or extended hair transplant sessions. And the hair you regrow is all your own

Chronic Aches and Pains

Stem cell injections can spell relief for many chronic pain sufferers. Lingering injuries and degenerative conditions like arthritis may leave patients with a dwindling list of viable options as they get older. Inevitably, many people who experience joint pain come to a crossroads: either continue upping the doses of dangerous pain medication, or roll the dice with risky surgery that may make matters worse. But stem cell therapy promises to heal the offending affliction from within. Stem cells mimic the properties of damaged cartilage in the joints, replacing old tissue and regenerating vital tendons and ligaments. 

How Much Do Anti-Aging Injections Cost in Southern California?

The final cost of your anti-aging injections will depend on the specifics of your custom treatment plan. At your free consultation at SkinZone, we’ll help you plot a course to rejuvenation based on your unique needs and aesthetic preferences. Our financing partners will help to put premium aesthetic enhancement within your reach. Check our specials page regularly for exclusive opportunities to save. 


Can stem cell therapy make you look younger?

Stem cell therapy can halt or reverse the aging process in the treatment area. The rejuvenating injections work deep within the skin to replace and repair age-related damage that inevitably accumulates as the years go by. 

Can stem cells lead to immortality?

In laboratory conditions, stem cells have been observed to replicate indefinitely. Unlike most of the cells in our body which degrade with age, stem cells are effectivelyimmortal. So, scientists are understandably enthusiastic about the potential of stem cell-derived treatments. Currently, stem cell therapy is still very new, although its rejuvenating results are quite encouraging. Immortality, however, remains out of reach for humanity. But who knows what wonders tomorrow may bring? 


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