Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

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Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift BBL is fat grafting to the buttock. Are you unhappy with the way your bottom looks? Is it too flat? Too small? Or droopy? A fuller and lifted buttock can be achieved with the Brazilian Butt Lift BBL, which has the advantage of using your own fat. Your fat is soft, long-lasting, and avoids concern about your body rejecting the tissue because the fat comes from you! The procedure is minimally invasive and at Skinzone Cosmetic Surgery, we perform the procedure under local anesthesia, with advance techniques to enhance and lift your bottom. You may return to work and sit on your bottom as soon as 2 days later.

You can enhance the appearance of the buttock by increasing the size, lifting the area, rounding the contour while making it firmer. The size and shape of your bottom could improve the proportion and balance of your body. The advantage of this procedure is that it allows your surgeon, Dr. Hannah Vu, to remove unwanted fat from one area, and transfer the fat to create a rounder, firmer and lifted rear end. The added benefit is a smaller waist or flatter tummy!

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Are you a good candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift BBL?

You could be a candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift BBL if you are in good health, at a normal stable weight, and have a degree of skin elasticity. You must have unwanted fat deposits (in the tummy, waist, thighs, hips, back or arms). The excess fat is harvested and then transferred to your buttock. Do you want an hourglass figure? A smaller waist, flatter tummy and rounder bottom can be achieved with the Brazilian Butt Lift BBL. Request a free consultation or call us at 1-800-983-4983 to schedule your appointment. At this visit, we want to hear about your specific wishes, and discuss your options with you.

You may want one or more of these changes:

  • Added volume
  • More lift
  • Rounder shape
  • Heart-shape
  • Smaller waist and larger bottom

Creating Perky, Lifted and Fuller Bottom

bbl procedure

There are multiple advantages with the Brazilian Butt Lift BBL. The unwanted fat is removed from unsightly areas like the tummy, waist, hip, thighs, arms or back to create a flatter tummy or back, a smaller waist, hip, thighs or arms. The harvested fat then is added to your rear-end. The transferred fat adds volume to your bottom, creating fullness, perkiness and lift. Contact us about the Brazilian Butt Lift BBL. At Skinzone Cosmetic Surgery, we can advise you about the expected outcome, the procedure, the recovery period and other information you need to know to proceed.

The Advantages of a Brazilian Butt Lift

In the past, patients who want to enhance the appearance of their buttock would get silicone implants placed in the area. Although the implants are generally safe, there can be risks of dislocation of the silicone implant and rejection of the silicone implant. Using your own fat is much better because it is your own tissue. There is virtually no risk of rejecting your own tissue. At Skinzone Cosmetic Surgery, the Brazilian Butt Lift BBL is performed under local anesthesia, by a minimally-invasive method. The unwanted fat is liposuction gently with thin tubules. The harvested fat is transferred to the buttock. Immediately after the procedure, you can see the fullness and perkiness of your bottom. Your recovery time is usually 2 days. And you can sit on your bottom as soon as 2 days!

The advantages of the Brazilian Butt Lift BBL are:

  • Use your own fat tissue
  • Removes fat deposits from unwanted areas
  • Local anesthesia
  • Round, full, lifted, natural appearance
  • Minimal scarring
  • Minimal down-time
  • Quick recover and minimal pain
  • Curvier figure and balanced body proportions

Get the Facts about the Brazilian Butt Lift

Facts about the Brazilian Butt Lift

You should understand what to expect with regards to the final result when considering any body sculpting procedure or surgery. At Skinzone Cosmetic Surgery, our job is to inform you. We work with you, as a team, to achieve the expected and realistic outcome. The gentle method we use improves the quality of fat harvested to ensure there is a higher concentration of fat and stem cells. This higher-quality fat and stem cells when grafted to your bottom, can produce a better survival of the transferred fat cells, better blood supply and ultimately, better outcome. The Brazilian Butt Lift BBL is a mimimally-invasive procedure, performed under local anesthesia, that brings a natural-looking, longer-lasting result without the need for frequent maintenance.

The Skinzone Difference

At Skinzone Cosmetic Surgery, our medical team provides you with the most effective and least invasive procedure to lift and volumize your buttock. For a Brazilian Butt Lift BBL, we want your procedure to have the realistic and beautiful result you envision. We do our utmost to make the process as comfortable as possible from your first visit to your recovery and beyond. You can trust our medical team and the techniques that are performed in our advanced centers with strict health and safety protocols. Request a free consultation or call us at 1-800-983-4983. We are open from Monday to Saturday.