Mole Removal

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When moles make their appearance in a visible area of your body, you might work hard to keep them hidden.

Facial moles are hard to hide, and you might wonder if there is a better way to deal with them. Dr. Hannah Vu specializes in mole removal services at Skinzone Laser & Cosmetic Surgery in Alhambra and Santa Ana, California. She can safely remove your moles and ensure your skin stays well-protected and healthy.

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What are moles?

Moles are a common skin growth made up of cell clusters and appear dark or black. They’re either single growths or clusters of small brown dots on your skin.
Much of the world’s population has a dozen or more moles on some part of their body. They often appear during your childhood but may still develop well into adulthood.

Moles appear in a variety of sizes and shapes, including round and oval. In general, a mole is no larger than a pencil eraser. They may feature a smooth surface or appear raised off your skin.

Most moles are harmless, benign growths, and hormonal changes during puberty and menopause can cause moles to darken and grow larger.

However, changes in the usual appearance of your moles may also signal the presence of a medical condition, including cancer. Dr. Vu recommends regular checkups for mole monitoring to ensure she can identify and diagnose any skin or mole abnormalities early.

What are the signs of mole abnormality?

Dr. Vu offers comprehensive mole examinations to identify skin abnormalities and irregular moles. Some early warning signs of possible skin cancer, or melanoma, include moles with:

• An asymmetrical shape
• An irregular or scalloped border
• New growth exceeding ¼ inch
• Color changes or multiple colors

You should have changing moles checked out by Dr. Vu immediately to ensure they are not cancerous. You should also have her examine moles that are painful, become itchy, or bleed.

How are moles removed?

Dr. Vu removes moles for both medical and cosmetic reasons, all in the comfort of her office. She uses a simple surgical procedure to remove the mole, wherein she numbs the area surrounding the mole and uses a scalpel to cut the mole from your skin. Dr. Vu then uses sutures to close the incision site.

For smaller moles, Dr. Vu uses a surgical shave technique that requires no sutures. She numbs the area and uses a sharp blade to remove the mole from your skin.

It’s possible for moles to regrow after removal. You need to tell Dr. Vu if any removed moles come back.

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