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As you age, some areas of your face lose volume, and your skin’s elasticity starts to slack.

If you’re dissatisfied with your appearance due to this loss of volume, Dr. Hannah Vu offers solutions for enhancing your facial features and eliminating wrinkles using your excess fat. At Skin Zone Laser & Cosmetic Surgery in Alhambra and Santa Ana, California, Dr. Vu provides cosmetic options to improve the look of your breasts, belly, and butt.

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What is a fat transfer?

Dr. Vu offers fat transfer, or fat grafting, cosmetic services that use your supply of excess fat to restore areas of your body in need of extra volume.She often removes fat from your abdomen, thighs, or buttocks then transfers it to areas suffering volume loss, including:

• Face
• Breasts
• Buttocks
• Arms
• Calves

Dr. Vu may also perform transfers to other parts of your body you are unhappy with and discusses all of your options during your consultation.

How can a fat transfer improve my appearance?

During a fat transfer, Dr. Vu can transfer fat into different areas of your face to eliminate wrinkles, fill in lines, and add volume to your chin, cheeks, and other regions.
Dr. Vu can also transfer fat into underdeveloped areas of your body, including your arms and calves, to improve their definition. She may even recommend a fat transfer as an ideal solution for small increases in your breast size.

How does a fat transfer procedure work?

Dr. Vu uses liposuction to remove the unwanted fat. She administers a local anesthetic to the removal site and uses a liposuction tool to withdraw the fat. Before reinjection, Dr. Vu must prepare the material to remove excess fluid from damaged fat cells.

After preparing the concentration of fat, Dr. Vu uses a cannula device to reinsert the fat deposits into the target areas. Fat remains in the area for the long-term but may increase or decrease in size as you lose or gain weight.

What are the benefits of a fat transfer?

Using your fat ensures you won’t have allergic reactions to the procedure. Fat transfer is more natural than other fillers and is readily available in your own body.

The results of a fat transfer may last for several months to several years and provide you with an outcome that lasts longer than other dermal fillers.

Dr. Vu can use your fat to enhance the appearance of almost any part of your body. She creates a treatment plan to address the areas you want to be enhanced and may suggest other areas where a fat transfer can improve your overall appearance.


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