Lipo 360° Body Sculpting

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Lipo360° Body Sculpting Tumescent Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that removes fat, accentuating a patient’s muscle definition and contour. As opposed to regular liposuction which aims to mainly remove unwanted fat from the body, Lipo360° Body Sculpting furthers contouring by clearly outlining body features. Typically performed to accentuate the abdomen and create an hourglass-like figure, Lipo360° body sculpting with the tumescent liposuction technique provides effective body contouring to create a more desired and pleasing silhouette.

At SkinZone Medical, we focus on natural results and minimal discomfort. Dr. Hannah Vu is an experienced surgeon who performs rejuvenation for her patients in Alhambra, Pasadena and Santa Ana, Newport Beach, CA. With an extensive background in body contouring and facial plastic surgery, Dr. Vu brings her artistic eye to the forefront during every Lipo360° body sculpting treatment. If you are in search of an improved contour and an aesthetically pleasing physique with quick recovery, schedule a consultation by filling out this contact form. We serve SoCal Southern California in Los Angeles County and Orange County.  Cities include but not limited to Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Tustin, Anaheim, Garden Grove, Pasadena, San Gabriel, Montebello, Arcadia, San Marino, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Huntington Park, Los Angeles, Culver City, Santa Monica and more. 

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What is Tumescent Lipo360° Body Sculpting?

As a specific branch of liposuction, tumescent Lipo360° body sculpting provides more artful and specialized results. It enhances a patient’s body contour by drawing attention to important attributes. The body often retains stubborn fat in areas like the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. Lipo360° body sculpting procedures can act as a two-in-one by both removing fat and further outlining your most desired contours.

Lipo360° body sculpting removes specific amounts of fat to outline a patient’s underlying musculature. This may look like accentuating the waist, creating visible abdominal lines, or outlining the contours of the buttocks. It recontours the profile and modifies the body of a patient by targeting very intricate details and bringing attention to them. The effect is rounder and more 3D than that of traditional liposuction. (1)

Tumescent Liposuction

Dr. Vu performs tumescent liposuction, also known as wet liposuction, at SkinZone. During this type of liposuction, a saline solution of lidocaine and epinephrine is administered to the treatment area to both provide anesthetic and soften the fat in the tissue for easy suction. The benefits of the wet liposuction technique are minimal bleeding and swelling or bruising and a quick recovery. The recovery is easier too compared to traditional liposuction because there is much less pain that acetaminophen or ibuprofen can comfort. Using tumescent fluid during liposuction increases the safety and efficiency of the procedure while eliminating the need for general anesthesia. (2)  

Benefits of Tumescent Lipo360° Body Sculpting

Tumescent Lipo360° body sculpting is meticulously designed to sculpt your body into a more refined and aesthetically pleasing shape, tailored to your unique anatomy and desired outcome. If you are working to achieve your dream contour through diet and exercise but cannot get rid of localized fat on your abdomen, waist, or legs, Lipo360° body sculpting by tumescent technique provides a solution

This procedure is highly effective in removing stubborn tissue that has not dissipated through diet or exercise. It can create a pleasing waist or “hourglass” shape while highlighting other attributes of the body. By refining your body contours and addressing stubborn fat deposits, Lipo360° enhances your overall appearance, promoting a more youthful, toned, and attractive look. Additionally, the recovery is faster and easier due to less pain and less bruising. This makes liposuction procedure using tumescent fluid one of the safest options available.

What is SmartLipo Triplex?

For a more defined and muscular look, Dr. Vu uses SmartLipo Triplex. This device utilizes laser technology to tighten the skin while removing stubborn fat. With the help of three different laser wavelengths, the skin is prompted to produce collagen and elastin while the targeted fat liquifies. SmartLipo typically results in less downtime, better results, and a noticeable change in skin elasticity.

Ideal Candidates

To receive Lipo360° body sculpting, patients must first achieve a stable weight. Good candidates for Lipo360° body sculpting are relatively healthy individuals who are at or near their ideal weight. Because liposuction and Lipo360° body sculpting are not intended as weight loss procedures, large weight fluctuation can negatively affect results. 

To qualify for surgery, candidates must have reasonable expectations and an accomplishable outcome. Dr. Vu requires that patients have good skin elasticity to avoid being left with loose skin after the fat is removed. If they smoke, patients must quit at least 6 weeks before their procedure date.

Personal Consultation at SkinZone Medical

Your first appointment at SkinZone will be a private consultation with Dr. Vu. This meeting will allow her to ask questions about your medical history and current lifestyle. She will inquire about your cosmetic goals and expectations to see if Lipo360° body sculpting can help you achieve them. The next step will be undergoing a physical examination and all necessary blood tests to determine your health. If Dr. Vu clears you, she will then explain the details of Lipo360° body sculpting and what your procedure will look like. At the end of this appointment, you will be given instructions on how to prepare. It is imperative that you follow them closely to ensure a safe surgery


Leading up to your appointment, you should:

  • Drink plenty of liquids
  • Pick up any prescription medications
  • Arrange a ride to and from surgery

To best prepare for your Lipo360° body sculpting surgery, Dr. Vu requests that you avoid:

  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco and nicotine use
  • NSAIDs like ibuprofen
  • Certain vitamins and herbal supplements

Lipo360° Body Sculpting Procedure

Dr. Vu begins this surgery by marking the patient while they are standing upright. This step allows her to carefully determine what fat should be removed to achieve the optimal contour. Then she administers a local anesthetic to the treatment area, then infiltrates the fat with tumescent fluid using a long skinny tube called a cannula.

Through very small incisions, Dr. Vu removes precise amounts of fat from the areas designated within her markings. The liposuction cannula uses suction to remove fat cells permanently. She follows your existing contour, enhancing it little by little until she reaches the desired outcome. Depending on the patient, liposuction360 body sculpting  procedures usually take around 1 to 3 hours to complete.


This procedure causes swelling and bruising that may persist for several weeks. Dr. Vu places a compression garment around the treatment area that should be worn at all times until instructed otherwise. It helps preserve the new contour, reduces pain, and controls postoperative swelling.

Lipo360° body sculpting recovery typically takes anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks. This is extremely dependent on the patient, treatment area size, and whether multiple areas are treated at once. Most patients should expect to take at least 2 to 4 days off of work, although some will require up to 1 week, depending on their treatment plan. Avoid all heavy lifting and strenuous exercise for at least 1 month.


You may notice your results right away, but your final contour will not be completely visible until your 6th postoperative month. Lipo360° body sculpting causes swelling that may be perceived long after the surgery is performed. The fat cells removed during liposculpture will not “reappear,” but Dr. Vu encourages you to implement healthy habits to enjoy your new contour for many years. Staying hydrated, eating a balanced diet, and regularly exercising helps preserve your new physique and encourages a fit lifestyle. 

Corresponding Procedure 

Fat Transfer

A cosmetic procedure closely related to and typically combined with Lipo360° body sculpting is fat transfer. Dr. Vu cleans and separates the fat removed during liposuction to isolate the healthy fat cells, then Dr. Vu reinjects it into a different area of the body to enhance a patient’s contour. Fat transfer is most often used to add volume to the face, buttocks, and breasts.

If you are curious about other cosmetic procedures performed at SkinZone Medical, please read our blog to learn more. 

How Much Does Liposculpture Cost in Santa Ana?

Each patient’s body and desired contour is unique, leading to variation in procedure costs. Liposculpture expenses are determined by:

  • Location of treatment
  • Size and quantity of locations
  • Surgical and recovery costs

Dr. Vu describes the total cost during your private consultation. To schedule yours, fill out this form or call one of our conveniently located offices at:

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What’s the difference between liposuction and tumescent Lipo360° body sculpting?

Lipo360° body sculpting focuses on precise fat removal and body contouring to achieve a more sculpted appearance, whereas traditional liposuction primarily aims to reduce fat volume. Lipo360° body sculpting  involves a more refined technique, often performed under local anesthesia, to target areas with greater precision.

Am I a good candidate for Lipo360° body sculpting?

Individuals seeking targeted fat reduction and desiring a refined physique are excellent candidates for Lipo360° body sculpting. Whether you wish to enhance specific areas or achieve an overall sleeker appearance, a preoperative consultation can determine if Lipo360° body sculpting is the ideal cosmetic surgery option for you.

What does the treatment area feel like after liposculpture?

During recovery from Lipo360° body sculpting, there may be some discomfort, typically described as tightness rather than pain. Most individuals find any symptoms subsiding within approximately three weeks after the procedure, ensuring a smoother transition into your sculpted self.

How do I know whether I need Lipo360° body sculpting or more invasive surgery like a tummy tuck?

For patients with stored fat around the abdomen, both Lipo360° and tummy tuck can smooth the area and remove excess tissue. However, tummy tucks remove large amounts of excess skin to contour the area, whereas Lipo360° body sculpting does not. If you have excess skin, you may be a better candidate for a tummy tuck.


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