Meet Dr. Hannah

Committed to customized rejuvenation that looks like you, only better.

Dr. Hannah Vu, MD, is a natural results advocate, a facial shaping artist, and a leader in her field.

What sets Dr. Vu apart is an approach based on true artistry and backed by the most modern medical practices with special focus on gentle techniques, minimal pain, quick recovery, and results so natural, you look and feel like you—only better

Balance. Proportion. Light & Shadow.

Dr. Vu is a true artist and master of aesthetic beauty. This perspective and skill, coupled with cutting-edge technology and experience, consistently delivers the best results possible to her patients.

Her medical background speaks for itself. 

Dr. Vu graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa, in 1991 with Honors and pursued Otolaryngology residency training at the prestigious University of British Columbia where she developed her skills in cosmetic facial surgery

These skills were perfected during a second Otolaryngology residency training program in Southern California at the Martin Luther King Medical Center, renowned as a trauma center specializing in emergency reconstructive surgery, including facial and plastic reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Vu has been successfully providing anti-aging treatments and cosmetic surgery to thousands of women and men of all ages for over 25 years.

Her philosophy of combining the best of science, artistry, experience, patient care, training, and technology ensures her patients consistently look and feel their beautiful best.
Investing in your appearance is investing in yourself. Skinzone Medical and Dr. Vu appreciate your journey and dedicate themselves to helping you achieve the natural-looking results you want.