7 Benefits of Fat Transfer You Didn’t Know

Fat transfer, which is also sometimes called fat grafting, fat injections, or lip filling, is a procedure that combines liposuction and cosmetic filling. It’s exactly what it sounds like: Dr. Vu removes fat from one part of your body and places it in an area where you may need some smoothing or lifting.

Here are seven benefits to having a fat transfer that you may not know about.

Remove fat from areas you don’t want it

The first step of a fat transfer is essentially liposuction. Dr. Vu uses a small tube and suction to remove fat from an area where it isn’t welcome. For example, you may have fat removed from your thighs, buttocks, or abdomen.

Liposuction is a well-established, safe procedure, and Dr. Vu is an experienced practitioner. Once she has removed the unwanted fat, some of it is processed so it can be injected into another part of your body.

Filling in wrinkles

You may have areas of your face or body where you’ve lost volume. For example, your cheeks may appear more sunken than they once did, or you may have grooves that run from your nose to your mouth.

There are many areas that tend to lose volume over time. Fat transfer is frequently used to plump lips, smooth lines at the corners of your eyes, or improve other small imperfections.

Increasing definition in areas you’d like to be more defined

Another common use of fat transfer is to provide greater definition to areas about which you may not feel confident. If you’ve always wished your breasts were just a little bigger, but you’re not sure about augmentation, fat transfer might be the answer for you. Similarly, Dr. Vu can use fat transfer to improve the appearance of your calves, arms, or buttocks.

Improving the skin

One of the advantages of fat transfer is that the skin overlying the area is often improved. For example, if you choose to use fat transfer to fill in wrinkles, the overlying skin will appear smoother and plumper.

Some percentage considered permanent

Your body will likely reabsorb and dispose of some of the fat that is transferred from one part of your body to another. Experts estimate that about 20-50% of the transfer can be considered permanent.

Less risk of allergic reaction

One of the benefits of fat transfer is that it’s your own tissue being injected, which lowers the possibility of an allergic reaction. Although there are risks with any medical procedure, the risks associated with fat transfer are low.

Two problems fixed at once

Finally, one of the greatest benefits of fat transfer is that you get the benefit of two procedures in one. Fat is removed from a part of your body where you don’t want it, and you gain volume or definition in an area where you do want it.

If you’re ready to find out if fat transfer might be right for you, book a consultation at SkinZone Medical. Dr. Vu is happy to discuss your medical history, your current situation, and your ultimate goals to determine if fat transfer may be one way of helping you reach them. You can schedule quickly and easily by phone or online.

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