Is It Possible to Get a Nose Job Without Surgery?

If there’s anything you don’t like about your nose, chances are that’s the first thing you see every time you look in the mirror. Even worse, you’re sure it’s the one feature of your face that everyone else notices, too, which crushes your self-confidence.

If you long to improve the appearance of your nose, but don’t want to undergo plastic surgery, Dr. Hanna Vu at SkinZone Medical in Alhambra and Santa Ana, California, has some great news — she performs non-surgical nose jobs. With her expertise, she can correct the flaws in your nose using dermal fillers in one quick and effective procedure that can be done while you’re on a lunch break.

How is it possible to get a nose job without surgery?

You may have heard about dermal fillers that are used to diminish lines and wrinkles. Dr. Vu uses the same injectable fillers to change the appearance of your nose. As the fillers are strategically injected, they fill in and reshape the contours of your nose without the need for surgery.

This type of non-surgical nose job, or non-surgical rhinoplasty, is quite effective and capable of making most cosmetic changes, but it can’t achieve everything that’s possible with surgery. For example, it can’t reduce the physical size of your nose.

What changes are possible with a non-surgical nose job?

Some of the most common nose problems corrected with dermal fillers include:

Bump on the bridge of your nose

Dr. Vu minimizes the bump, and you gain a straight-looking nose by filling in the area around the bump. Even though a small amount of volume is added, your nose ends up looking smaller as its profile improves.

Tip of your nose

A droopy tip of the nose can be lifted with dermal fillers. You can also change the angle of the tip and diminish the appearance of a bulbous nose.

Crooked nose

Expertly injected dermal fillers correct unwanted angles or bends in your nose.


Any type of depression in your nose, whether a flat bridge or scars, can be lifted with dermal fillers.

Improve prior surgery

If you aren’t happy with the results of a previous surgical rhinoplasty, Dr. Vu can inject dermal fillers to correct the problem.

What happens during a non-surgical nose job?

Although the procedure only takes about 30 minutes, you’ll want to schedule a consultation so Dr. Vu can talk with you about the changes you envision for your nose and recommend the best dermal filler to make that happen.

Your procedure begins with a topical anesthetic, then Dr. Vu precisely injects a dermal filler in specific areas of your nose to create your desired shape. It’s normal to have some minor bruising, swelling, or redness for about a week, but you can return to your regular daily activities as soon as your session is finished.

How long will your results last?

One of the best things about a non-surgical nose job is that dermal fillers produce immediate results. By comparison, when you have surgical rhinoplasty, you’ll have to wait for complete healing and for the nose contours to gradually remodel and form their new shape.

Dermal fillers contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and calcium microspheres, which are safe because they’re naturally found in your body. Most dermal fillers, however, are gradually absorbed back into your body.

Absorption of the dermal filler happens slowly, so it doesn’t produce an obvious, sudden change in your appearance. To maintain the new shape, you’ll need to redo your non-surgical nose job in one to two years, depending on the dermal filler used.

Dr. Vu also offers Bellafill®, a dermal filler that delivers longer-lasting results. Bellafill contains bovine collagen and microspheres made from surgical-grade plastic. It produces immediate results, then goes a step further.

The plastic microspheres do two things: They trigger natural collagen production and create a scaffold to support new collagen growth. The new collagen fills in the area, where it may permanently maintain the shape of your nose.

You don’t need to live with a nose you don’t like. Getting a non-surgical nose job is safe, effective, and patients are thrilled with their results, so don’t wait to schedule a consultation to see how it can work for you.

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