Breast Fat Transfer Procedure

For women who desire an enhanced bust, there is an additional option besides breast augmentation with artificial implants: fat transfer breast augmentation.

Fat transfer breast augmentation from Dr. Hannah Vu and the professional staff at Skinzone Laser and Cosmetic Surgery is a procedure that increases breast size using your own fat cells to create naturally fuller breasts.

Before undergoing a breast fat transfer procedure, you will receive an anesthetic to ensure you are comfortable, along with additional medication to make you as relaxed as possible.

Excess fat is then removed from your body with a liposuction treatment, processed for longevity, and then injected into your breasts. The whole procedure takes around two hours, with final results visible after several months.

Contact our office today for a helpful consultation with a member of our knowledgeable team. Dr. Vu and the knowledgeable staff of Skinzone Laser and Cosmetic Surgery can answer any of your questions about how a breast fat transfer procedure can help increase your bustline.

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