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Nearly everyone has stubborn fat that just won’t go away, no matter how many sit-ups or leg lifts they do. Although we may never be able to fit into our high school cheerleading suit again, with Dr. Vu’s LipoSculpture procedure, you can look your best self no matter what your age.

Called True Tumescent Liposuction, the procedure permanently removes fat without the pain and hassle of traditional liposuction. And since the procedure only requires local anesthesia, you can avoid the risks of general anesthesia, IV sedation, and narcotic analgesics.

In addition, the micro-tubes used in the procedure permit more precise and less traumatic sculpting of your body. No stitches are necessary, and you can recover at home.

Patients are able to travel the next day, and generally resume their normal lifestyle within a few days. You can resume exercising usually after only one week.

Any surgery involves the risk of infection, bleeding, scarring or serious injury. However tumescent liposuction has an amazingly good safety record. One of the reasons that tumescent liposuction is so safe is that neither general anesthesia nor IV sedation is used. In fact, a recent survey involving over 15,000 patients who had tumescent liposuction revealed no serious complications, no serious infection, no hospitalizations, no blood transfusions, and no deaths. The greatest risks of liposuction are those associated with general anesthesia. By eliminating general anesthesia, the risks of liposuction are dramatically reduced.

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